bassie, johanna & romeo for destiny mag


Nothing kicks in the nostalgia like seeing Basetsana Kumalo and Johanna Mukoki on the cover of Destiny Magazine for the month of May. I think what made it even more magical was then discovering that Romeo Kumalo, Basetsana’s husband, was on the cover of the Destiny Man magazine in the same month talking about a family legacy.


Basetsana was Miss SA in a time when a black Miss SA was a dream for many girls and she took that a step further by being a successful business woman, wife and mother which has depicted her as a role model for a few more generations of young girls. Her sister has been a constant figure in her life and has achieved the same level of success. We all then witnessed a love story that continues today between Bassie, as she is affectionately known, and Romeo Kumalo who was also known well known after having been a radio presenter and head of Metro FM radio station back in the day. Their wedding was the stuff of dreams and was the architecture of so many weddings for years to come.


Romeo is successful in own right as a business man and recently featured in the TV show Shark Tank which showcased entrepreneurs requesting funding for their businesses and ideas. I think these issues are definitely collectors’ items and showcase black excellence that we would all feel like we have witnessed the inception and development. Halala to the Kumalo famly!


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