3 months without a nanny

no nanny1

At the beginning of 2017 my husband and I decided that we would not have a live in nanny for six months, we wanted to trial it and see whether we actually could manage without one or not. This was a daunting decision because we both have very demanding jobs but we had been through quite a few nannies and some horrible experiences so we decided to try and go this alone.

Firstly we only have one child hence why we could even consider doing this because I doubt that it would be possible with two little ones. Secondly he goes to school from 8am – 12pm and then after care until 5pm so he’s fed and well taken care of by other people for majority of the day. The biggest challenge that lay ahead of us with this situation was that my husband travels quite a bit so on some days I would have to do this whole thing solo. Plus our son is not potty trained yet and not off the bottle either so we are still on diaper and bottle duty.

Our morning routine is dad baths, dresses and feeds our son whilst mom makes bottles, packs lunch boxes and makes breakfast for him. We have a cleaner who comes in 4 times a week and ensures we always come home to a clean house, we barely see her, she arrives just before we leave and she’s gone by the time we get home. Then in the evenings dad baths and dresses baby whilst mom cooks and preps bottles and baby’s supper. Mommy also puts baby to sleep.

I think the biggest challenges we have had is when we have work functions or dinners to attend that are in the evening especially when we both have to attend then we have had to call on my brother to babysit and he is amazing at it. The benefit is being more hands on with our baby and as a result spending more time with him. Other than that this seems to be working out well for us and we might just continue on this path for a little while longer.

no nanny2

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