poolside/beach essentials for baby

poolside essentials

I posted this picture on the blog Instagram page (@_makhosazane_) a while ago and I forgot to also bring it on over here. Moms I hope this helps you prep for the next summer season and luckily for us in Durban we still have a few sunny summer days left to enjoy with our little ones.

  • The slops are from Cotton On and are perfect to protect their little feet from very hot sand or other surfaces due to the heat. My little one squealed in pain when he realised how hot beach sand was in summer, daddy and I had a good chuckle at his expense.
  • I use Everysun Sunscreen for kids SPF 50 to protect their sensitive skin from sunburn
  • The beach towel is from H&M and my little one loves being wrapped in it when he comes out of the water.
  • The swimming shorts are from Zara and the drawstring ensures that they stay on no matter how big the waves may be
  • The Huggies swimming diapers are a must, they are nice and snug and do not slip off or sag. I must warn you though that when baby pees, the pee goes right through the diaper lol!
  • The Minion floaties are from Sportsman’s Warehouse and are perfect to keep baby afloat especially for my little one because he is so adventurous in water.

Enjoy xxx

dad and baby1

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