Sun Care Essentials 

Last year my little family and I went to the beach, my husband and I came back sunburnt not because we didn’t have sunscreen but because we got so caught up in making sure that our son had sunscreen on whilst he was kicking and dragging us into the water. We completely forgot to put some on ourselves. It was my first time being sunburnt and it is SORE!
After that experience no one knows better than me the benefits of sun care Essentials when you’re going to the beach with your family this summer or simply chilling in and by the pool.

The Nivea Moisturing Sun Spray is for myself and my husband. I chose the SPF 50 because I wanted the best possible protection. My favourite thing about is that’s it’s a spray, talk about hassle free application, it’s so quick and easy!
The Lipidol Sun screen oil is SPF 20 and I use it daily for protection from the sun. I apply it on my arms, shoulders and legs. It absorbs well into my skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue.
The Everysun Sunscreen Lotion is specifically for babies and is also SPF 50. I use it on my son.

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