wicked donuts


My son is born just before Christmas so his birthday celebrations at school have to be just before break up day. I tried ordering a cake a few weeks ago and all the suppliers were rejecting my request because they were either fully booked already or its wedding season and they are super busy. It’s my son’s first birthday celebration at school so I felt like a bad mom for not having planned this earlier and properly.


I came across Wicked Donuts on the net in my state of desperation and thought to myself, this might just work. I went to their website and they have an order section where you can place your order directly, a lady called me promptly after placing my order to check a few things, I made payment via EFT, sent my payment confirmation and voila! I was sorted!! So I ordered a selection of donuts that I thought kids would love and the Happy Birthday donuts (pictured). My son’s teacher was very happy because the donuts are so easy to serve to the kids versus cake and are less messy. I am back to feeling like a good mom, yay! Thanks to Wicked Donuts.


Wicked Donuts

Instagram – @wickeddonuts

Facebook – Wicked Donuts

Website – http://wickeddonuts.co.za/

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