the naughty face


I posted a picture on Instagram recently of the look my son gives me when he has been naughty or full of mischief. I am sure most moms can relate to this ‘look’. My son is 13 months old now and I never would have thought that he would be this naughty at his age but I have learnt the hard way that this is not the case. I called out a few examples of some the naughty stunts that he has pulled on me:

  1. This is the look I get when he has taken my iPhone or iPad whilst I wasn’t paying attention and licked it until it is layered in spit, I will then find it left on the floor somewhere and spend about twenty minutes wiping it dry
  2. This is the look I get when he wants to push the emergency button in an elevator because it’s low enough for him to reach and it’s a bright, interesting yellow colour
  3. This is the look I get when he has managed to reach my box of tissues on my bedside table and pulled out all the tissues one by one and left them scattered on my bedroom floor for me to discover later because he did this all in silence
  4. This is the look I get when he is about to grab food off my plate whilst I am eating and throw it on the floor
  5. This is the look I get when he has opened the bin in the kitchen and emptied all of its contents on the kitchen floor – he does the same with his diapers *sigh*
  6. This is the look I get when he presses the on/off button on the washing machine in the middle of a cycle and I have to start it all over again

I have learnt that he is my greatest adventure because if he’s doing this at only one years old, there is surely a whole lot more to come. I would love to hear your stories, what are your kids up to?

2 thoughts on “the naughty face

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  2. The washing machine uvala, K wants to press the even emizini yabantu Jesu. When we were at Maprem’s for a play date – there was K in the kitchen busy pressing. 🙈🙈 We were not ready!


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