jessica alba for vogue australia


Jessica Alba covers Vogue Australia in a photo shoot shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Jessica is a business woman to be reckoned with the success of her business, The Honest Company. She talks about how Australia was instrumental in the success of her company, a typical day in her life and how she manages to find a balance.


On how Australia influenced her billion dollar business: “I did a TV show in Australia for two years, and that’s where I learned about homoeopathy and homeopathic medicine…Also there are so many natural products and natural things like tea tree oil and all this tea tree-based stuff that came out of Australia, so I would bring that home with me. I learned a lot.”


Vogue Australia’s recap of a typical day for Alba: “She starts with a pre-dawn workout, then she is home in time for breakfast and to see her daughters — Honor, 7, and Haven, 4 — before they head to school. She is at the office by 8.30am when the meetings begin — for products, the new Honest Beauty range, film scripts — and continue on a roughly 45-minute routine throughout the day, often meaning she eats lunch at her desk or mid-meeting, then it’s home to see the girls before bedtime.”


On her struggle to balance it all: “I don’t even have a moment to really look at my emails…If I get a workout in, that’s ‘me-time’.”




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