msl mineral make up

Last year November, I was in Johannesburg for my bridal shower and I decided to do my nails at my favourite nail bar, Miss Salon London. They have two branches, one in Morningside and one in Parkhurst, I decided to visit their Parkhurst branch because I had never been to it. Whilst I was there, the ladies that work there told me about a new product and service that they provide. The products were the Miss Salon London Mineral Make up line and the service offered was that they would do your make up for you. The makeup is created from natural minerals and excludes any chemicals, dyes or preservatives. The make up range consists of foundation, blush, bronzer, lipgloss and lip stick.  I decided to try it.

I hate how you always look weird when a professional is applying make up on you so I had a little anxiety that maybe this wasn’t a good idea when we started. I stuck it out and the end result was worth it. What I noticed was that the makeup felt light, it didn’t feel like it was caked on my skin. I also loved how it blended onto my skin, I have combination skin so it blended really well. It was also quite a hot day, I avoided sweating as much as I could and the makeup behaved. Check out my pictures below, I chose the revenge lip colour.


You can read up on the products and buy them online here.


Instagram: @misssalonsa

Twitter: @missalonssa

Facebook: Miss Salon London Nail Boutique


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