wedding planning: stationery


I recently had my wedding and it took me two years to plan it in-between a new job and having a baby. I will be sharing some of my tips based on my experience and the first topic is stationery.

Choosing stationery for your wedding is something that I think most brides take for granted. I know I did. Most people don’t even do paper invitations anymore because it ends up being an added cost but if you can afford it please have paper invitations made because they add a sentimental and personal touch. Below are a few tips:

  1. If you’re expecting your guests to travel from far, for example they have to book flights and accommodation or if the timing of your wedding is at a busy time of the year, it’s always best to send a save the date at least 6-9 months before your wedding. It gives your guests enough time to prepare for your wedding and no one is caught off guard. A digital save the date is always best, no added costs.
  2. Do your research, there are so many stationery options out there and you can make both your service provider and your life easier by having a good idea of what you want for example colours, fonts and design. Then you can use that as a starting point.
  3. For your invitations, to ensure that you get the most out of them, make it personal by adding a picture of the two of you, a meaningful quote or even a family crest or logo. If you don’t have a family crest/logo, make one.
  4. Synchronise your stationery, ensure that the fonts, colours and design are all the same or at least similar.
  5. Programs and menu’s are a must. The menu’s are useful for guests who have food preferences and the program informs your guests of what to expect.
  6. The seating plan, this is one piece of stationery that you should wait until the last possible moment to print. There are so many changes that happen with people cancelling at the last minute so rather wait and just maybe you can print an almost perfect guest list.


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