little swimmers


I have been wanting my baby boy to learn how to swim since he was six months old, the only reason I didn’t sign him up then was because it was winter and I was scared he would just get sick. I have managed to get him on a waiting list for swim school for when he is 18 months old and until then we are getting him as much exposure to water as a baby can get which includes the beach. For his first trip to the beach I was very concerned about him wearing a diaper in the water, it just didn’t seem like it would be able to stay on. I accidentally discovered Huggies Little Swimmers at Baby’s R Us/Toys R Us which are swimming diapers. We used them for his first trip to the beach. They are pull ups and they fit like underwear, very snug. When my baby was in the water, they didn’t, sag, droop or bloat, he was comfortable and having fun. They gave me such peace of mind, highly recommended.


To read more, click the below links:


Baby Group Swimming Diapers



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